ELITE Prime has the expertise and experience to offer a full range of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services (MEP), ELV, and fire protection systems.

our services


  • DX package units and refrigerant systems
  • Chillers & AHUs including all system pumps, piping & valves
  • G.I. & pre-insulated ducting works including all dampers, louvres, outlets & cladding works
  • Ventilation systems / smoke ventilation systems
  • Smoke testing / pressurization testing / smoke extract system air balancing & reports submission


  • Low voltage power distribution and control systems, including switchgear, motor control centers, control panels, cabling, raceways and power outlets.
  • Earthing & lightning protection systems
  • Indoor & outdoor lighting installations, including lighting control systems
  • Telecommunications & data
  • Security System installations (CCTV & Access Control)
  • Building Management System (BMS)
  • Emergency power systems (UPS, central battery, emergency generators, synchronization panels)
  • Solar Power Systems


  • Complete supply & installation of all kinds of piping works, as per the Qatar Construction Standards
  • Supply and installation of pumps, water tanks
  • Sanitary works
  • All types of plumbing & drainage pipes and accessories

Special SYSTEMS & services

  • Compressed air systems
  • Vaccum systems
  • Gas systems
  • hazard analysis and system design as per NFPA and/or specific requirements
  • computer generated hydraulic calculations
  • engineering work and submittal preparation
  • installation of the supplied systems
  • testing and commissioning of the supplied and installed systems

Fire Protection services

  • All types of fire extinguishers (CO2, dry chemical powder, foam, water, wet chemical, and halotron)
  • Dry and wet standpipe systems
  • Fire hydrants (all types)
  • sprinkler system
  • Deluge system
  • Water mist system
  • FM 200 suppression system
  • Foam system
  • Carbon dioxide system
  • Gas detection system
  • Wet chemical suppression system
  • Fire alarm system (addressable and conventional)
  • Fire fighting pumps (UL listed and Non-UL listed)
  • End suction centrifugal pump
  • Horizontal split case pump
  • Vertical turbine pump
  • Vertical multistage centrifugal jockey pump
  • Regenerative turbine jockey pump
  • Industrial safety
  • Emergency lighting system

our expertise

MEP projects

Team of highly qualified and experienced MEP engineers are dedicated for Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning of MEP Works across all market sectors in Qatar.

MEP maintenance

Dedicated teams of Service Engineers to support the Elite client-base, offering electrical, air conditioning, ventilation duct cleaning, preventive/reactive plumbing maintenance, and fire protection systems across all market sectors.


We also offer support services to oil & gas, power & water, industrial, and infrastructure market sectors.

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