ongoing project

Proposed Admin Building (G+1) and Building Materials Warehouse (G+1)
Project Value: 1,791,800 QAR

Procurement, Engineering, Construction, Completion and Maintenance of Dental Simulation Laboratory
Project Value: 1,250,000 QAR

Modification on Existing Building and Proposed New Building for Baker Hughes ORS Facility
Project Value: 1,631,000 QAR

Proposed Food Store (G+M) & Office Building (G+1) & Accommodation Building (G+2)
Project Value: 10,665,000 QAR

SH. Lolwa Residential Building Apartment (3B+G+M+10+PH)
Project Value: 3,900,000 QAR

Egg Poultry Farm
Project Value: 2,780,000 QAR

Warehouse & Labor Accommodation
Project Value: 6,150,000 QAR

Proposed G+M Factory and G+2 Administration Building
Project Value: 3,500,000 QAR

Warehouses, Administration Building (G+2), Machinery Workshop, Workshops, Load & Pressure Testing + Garage + Guard Rooms
Project Value: 479,475 QAR

Warehouse, Workshop, Showroom, Labour Dormitory
Project Value: 950,000 QAR